Exciting news! Due to demand of the original, the final two books in this series, "B is for Blue Team" and "R is for Red Team" are now underway and in development!! Please preorder here so I have an idea as to how many to have printed and guarantee yourself a copy when they're ready. I'm shooting for end of this year! I do not plan to sell on Amazon any longer but do plan to support international shipping in an attempt to make it accessible to everyone. Thanks so much for your support!!


"I'm a Cyber Security professional who has two children under the age of four and am all-too familiar with picture books (AKA board books). As I was reading an ABC book to my son it occurred to me, there aren't many (if any) children's books on Cyber Security! I wanted to make fun illustrations which allows security concepts to be more easily understood, but are enjoyable for the adults as well. Follow along with the glossary on this site for explanations of the terms and concepts. On the inside end cover there is an online privacy tip page to help keep our kids safe when on the Internet. I hope you enjoy! A special thanks to everyone who supported me on Kickstarter!" - Curtis

M is for Malware

For bulk orders (100+) please email me for a discounted rate!