Welcome! I created these books to help contribute to the community and to make it fun for caregivers in the Cybersecurity space to share with children what it is they do for a living and how to stay safe online, which is a passion of mine. I'm techincal and have been in this industry for over 20 years and realized (at the time) there were no children's books for Cybersecurity! The world's first security-focused children's book was "M is for Malware" in 2019 and I released the other two shortly afterwards which completes the set! The Malware book features monsters, Red Team has robots, and Blue Team has dragons on each page. While the original covers a wide-range of Cybersecurity topics, the others have terms specific to the offensive or defensive fields and compliment each other. I'm thrilled to hear that many Cybersecurity professionals also have copies for themselves on their desks or give them to expecting coworkers as gifts. Inventory is limited and once they're gone they may be collectors items since I don't plan to continue printing new copies. :) I hope you enjoy! Please leave a review!

I'm no longer accepting new international orders at this time but may again in the future. Email me with any questions please and thank you again for your support!

M is for Malware

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